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I needed to implement change in my career and was stuck … quite literally stuck. I knew what I had to do but I couldn’t find my way around to doing it. Michelle helped me to adjust my mindset, plan effectively and take action. She challenged my misconceptions and helped me to think outside the status quo. In the end – in fact in this new beginning she helped me start – I was able to launch my successful business and harness my personal, God-given gifts towards living in purposeful plenty. I couldn’t have done this without her.

Hadriana Investment Advisor

I have noticed since working with you, that I am more reflective about things in my life and why I do the thing I do or don’t do. I have been more consistent with exercising and accomplishing a task that I need to do. I feel more confident about my health, and my ability to address and fix any concerns.

I especially like the fact that you are able to hone in on the root cause of any situation. I would recommend coaching with you to anyone who needs help with any situation in their life, because you have the ability to help the get on the right track.

Angela Dog and House Sitter

The struggle that I had that want me to seek help is a lack of confidence. I felt like I was not capable of reaching my full potential, and also I’m not good at reaching out for help.

By being in the group, I’ve learned how to cope with a given situation it helped me in all areas of my life. From business to family life and also my social life. I knew now the only obstacle that is standing in my way is self once that is removed and you realised your purpose. Nothing can stand in the way of your success.

Leila Health Coach