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  • My Journey to Perfection

    Michelle Greenman

  • The "P" Word

    Raising My Standards

    Ready for the Best

    Follow my journey to Perfection and learn how to live better with me.

    I know the "P" word carries tons of pressure, but it is really my goal in whatever form it takes.

    I am ready to let go of good, striving for the best and taking hold of better.


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  • About Me

    I am always striving for the best.


    I love to live. Even though it is not always pleasant.


    There is something that just gets me every time about the POWER to choose every year, every day or every moment to do better - to be better.


    Regardless of what I have gone through, even as a young child, I knew it was for a purpose to teach me and for me to help others navigate life with HOPE and a deeper sense of purpose and peace.


    My, at times outspoken and visceral vulnerability has motivated, inspired and encourages many women to Choose their Best Life.


    I love having a conversation that allows someone to take an honest look at their situation, mistakes, selfishness and full of hopelessness and choose to transform it completely, to find flawless, priceless education and a step by step plan to create a new situation they are excited to wake up e very morning to experience.


    That’s what I do.

    And I've been told I’m pretty good at it.

    Which is kinda a miracle, since there are so many times I could have not made it.


    I’ve helped clients create more - more energy, time, money and FREEDOM.

    I am on a quest to perfect the most challenging client ever - myself.


    I’m best known as The Women's Wellness Coach who teaches simple successive plans for 3 dimensional success that has helped many realize their God-given potential to live life more abundantly.


    You can reach me below.

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    Mail: Suite 2356 - 627 Main St, Lillooet, BC, Canada, V0K1V0




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