Your Unique Business Plan

I find that we get stuck because we too often think in terms of this or that.
But when you open your mind to possibilities you start to think regarding this AND that.

Often we do not get what we want because we are trying to choose between two options instead of problem-solving how we can have both options.

For example, while chatting with an amazing woman entrepreneur, I realized she was never going to feel successful, and she was putting off her business goals in the future because she loved her job.

While she talked about going full time in business, she put that goal five years in the future.

That is a bright red flag for me.

When your goal is not immediate, you should evaluate why.

In her case, she has a great job that she loves and has a great business that she loves.

My challenge to her was – why try to decide how to leave one and have the other when the truth is you want both?

This idea may seem overwhelming, however, it can be so empowering.

Instead of following an arbitrary plan on how to leave your day job for your business – you should consider how to create your unique business plan that allows you to have everything you want.

My husband used to say to me all the time I wanted to have my cake and to eat it two and my reply was always – don’t you? Who wants to have a cake and not eat it.

Are you interested in crafting your own plan for your perfect lifestyle business? I am here to help. Simply tell me about how I can help you –>HERE.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the life I want and how can both options fit in it?
What ways can you take care of yourself, so you have the strength and energy to do both?
What is the long-term plan for finances, so you have the financial freedom you want?
What is your larger purpose – that way only you can change the world that will continue to challenge you to do more?
What is the next goal (you want to accomplish immediately) that scares you a bit, but ultimately will challenge you to make a bigger difference in the life of others?

While it is convenient for marketers to sell their “perfect” marketing plan for your business, the only best one is one that is created precisely for your company based on your precise lifestyle goals!

Notice I didn’t say business goals?
That is because if you are planning to create a freedom based business, it is less about your business than it is about you!

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