What I do when people make fun of my need to make appointments?

I wanted to share the number one way to keep it moving and not get pulled back into lousy behavior because those around you do not understand.

As I was answering the question my BlaBlaCar driver asked about what I do everyday… her face lit up.

It was awesome.

It is a rare few that see the value of living as I do.
Without the pressure of being constantly
busy and running around.

To focus on what is important and have your time
managed in a way that helps you fulfill your goals.

Most people you come across will criticize you.
They might even make jest.
I have gotten attitude from some about picking a specific time to meet or call instead of just leaving it to chance.

However, the truth is those who don’t have a bigger vision for their life (or haven’t realized how to get there) will not understand the necessity of valuing your time because they do not value their own.

Wishing you had more time for the important things? It won’t just happen. The truth is what you did to get you to successful won’t get you freedom, you need to learn new skills to get to the next level. I am here to help. Send me a message and let’s chat. CONTACT ME HERE!

They may complain about it but ignore them.
They will also complain about not being able to achieve their goals or have enough time to workout or even to sit and read.

These people are not your responsibility.
You are responsible to the future you:
to realizing your potential.
to be the best example of how to do it right.

At some point, they may see you do it and try it themselves.

Just forgive their insensitive jesting and focus on getting more than success for yourself.

Everything else will fall in place.

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