Health Care is Broken

Your best insurance is taking care of yourself.

America spends ~ $10k on each person for health care, while Japan, which has a longer life expectancy for its citizens than the U.S. (83.1 years vs. 79.1 years), spends just $3,816 per person.

Are people healthier from all those extra dollars, unfortunately no?
The majority is spent on hospitalization (about ⅓ of the $3.2 trillion) and lots of course on drugs.

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5 Steps for a More Restful Sleep

Ever wondered how to get better and more restful sleep? Then take one of the five steps below and feel better and more refreshed.

However, first what can sleep do?

“For an activity that takes up one-third of our lives, little is known about sleep and humans. It’s known, for example, that during the deepest phases of sleep growth hormone is released, energy is restored, and the immune system is strengthened, and during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep we have vivid dreams, and our brains may be working on consolidating memories. Continue reading “5 Steps for a More Restful Sleep”

Hot Foot Baths

I used a hot foot bath after hiking 6 miles when I got home, and the next day I did not have sore feet at all. This is after a car accident that injured my ankles.

When you start exercising you may find your legs and feet get sore, or they may be sore already. This treatment will increase blood flow to the lower extremities. It can also reverse peripheral neuropathy, however you must not use water that is too hot if you have diabetes or other problems with feeling to ensure you do not burn your tissue.

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