Having It All

Is it possible to have it all?

Honestly, if you are reading this, you already know the answer, or at least realize what you want it to be.

I often think of the woman in Proverbs 31.

She had a business and took care of her house and had an incredible relationship with God.

I feel like she had it all. I realized something when reading about her; she embodied some peculiar characteristics.

First, you have to believe you can have it too.

Then decide what “ALL” means to you.

I believe that ALL things are possible.

One coach told me when I was first starting, and I still use it as a motto, “There are no problems, only solutions.”

When you approach the topic of ‘having it all’ with the confidence that there is a solution or strategy that will allow you to ‘have it all’ you have already won the toughest battle.

“There are no problems, only solutions.”

-Shanda Sumpter

See the fight is not with finding solutions. You can quickly get support from a professional coach or mastermind to help you. No, the real challenge is believing something that your circumstances are screaming is not possible.

Here is a loving “slap” to wake you out of denial.

You are choosing your experience.

If you want more or different or better, it is your choice.

You have what you have because you choose it.

If you want something different you not only have to believe it can be better but you must choose it. EVERYDAY!

I remember feeling stuck. I was so happy to have a client but felt pressured to meet with them every week, even when I was traveling back home to Toronto for the first time in a few years because my grandpa was sick.

I did not even realize that I had a choice to take a week off for me.

I was so worried about satisfying a false idea of value; I was not able to give my best because I resented having to work when I wanted to be there for my family and spend the last days with my grandfather.

Fast forward a year. I took regular time off. I choose my schedule. I work from home. I spend the regular time investing in my happiness, health, and spirit.

Peak Sneview to Now: I am traveling and working whenever I want. I do more personal growth than I do work, but my work still supports my very healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

I am able choose better because I am clear on what better means to me.

Are you clear? Alternatively, are you only complaining about how it does not work right now? Perhaps, you are too overwhelmed to know where to start?

Believe me; you are not alone.
Connect with a fellow entrepreneur. They can often understand better than your family and friends why it is a challenge but also be your advocate to choose for your future self.

You might also want to consider inquiring about our opportunities to support you and meet your “business sister” (me) who like yourself is part of this incredible movement to live a life of freedom.

Either way, know that having it all is possible!

I am so proud of you for reading to the end, getting the hard truth and not turning away from it.

Now get connected.

You do not have to do it all by yourself. You work better with a support system. When you have a support system around you, who are striving for the same goal you will automatically be motivated. Let me know where you need help HERE

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