How Parisians Eat Anything And Never Gain Weight

If you didn’t know, I am traveling, indefinitely.
Stop number 9 was France.
The first stop, of course, was to Paris.
Flying into Paris from Toronto (Hamilton) is priced amazing right now in case you want more info on how to find well-priced tickets, click here.

Okay, so the thing I heard mostly about Paris is what you can eat anything and not gain weight.

Is this true? Well, I noticed three strategies for weight maintenance that I use myself that seem more naturally occurring in Paris.

Three ways to live like a Parisian: Eat whatever you want and Never gain a pound.

This visit is my third time in Paris. Truth is I think it is incredible.
I am not only actively learning French, but I enjoy the history and the architecture. My favorite place is pictured below.
It is not cheap. Which leads us to the first of the three reasons you can seem to eat anything and maintain your weight.

#1 You eat better quality food.
While many assume that because Canada is on the Top 10 list for places to live and France is not according to Business Insider that everything in North America is excellent. (Even though the USA is just behind Canada as #11)

I found out when I first started my business in 2010 that the health laws in Canada were laxer than in Europe.

Every grocery store here in France has a BIO (or Organic) section, and the laws on what ingredients are in food are more strict than anything the FDA allows.

Also, more of the food seems to be grown locally, such as in France, Spain and Portugal making for fresher produce.

Many think a calorie is a calorie but the type of food and the quality makes a huge difference.

Weight gain or loss is not just based on calories in or out but on how the body digests the food. Better food means better nutrients and better health.


#2 You eat less.
Partly because the food is more expensive. Well worth it but the Euro is stronger than the dollar and so getting a small punnet of fruit might cost you $2.50 at home in Paris it will cost you £3-4 or 4-5 dollars.

Basically, everywhere the portion sizes are smaller. Quality over quantity. Literally, everything seems to be smaller in Europe than in North America. Even McDonald’s has no Super Size Fries.

Smaller portions prevent you from overeating. Instead, you eat less and eat better and still pay more than you would at home, but the tradeoff is worth it if you do it right.

#3 You walk everywhere.
If you are like me, you are enjoying site seeing by foot, transit or Hop on Hop Off Tour buses which means WALKING LOTS. I easily average 3-5 miles a day just doing things like going to the grocery store, exploring the neighborhood, shopping and site seeing.

Just planning one place to go a day will get your steps in. Even when I was in the south of France, and there were only farms around, I would walk to the nearest town. One day I walked 16 km or 10 miles to the nearest village and had lunch. Roaming the countryside was beautiful, and there is just something about being in a new place that expands your mind to what is possible.

You might walk up the four flights of stairs every day at least twice.

So as I am writing this I am house sitting and for the first time not in a walk up but a downstairs suite in a quiet suburb cul de Sac. However, the last three places I stayed in were 4-floor walk-ups. Yes, my butt is looking great!

Since France is an old country compared to the young nations of North America they are missing many of the standard luxuries such as central air, electric clothes dryers (yes, most hang dry) and elevators. Older apartment building means walking upstairs. Taking flights of stairs a couple of times a day even, and with your luggage and groceries means an extra bit of challenging cardio a day.

Building muscle means raising your BMR – which means you burn more calories or fat, doing nothing.

If you are interested in learning how to be healthy while creating a lifestyle business/brand that gives you a wealth of freedom than you should join us by entering your name and best email on my contact page and telling me what your goal is this year.




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