5 Steps for a More Restful Sleep

Ever wondered how to get better and more restful sleep? Then take one of the five steps below and feel better and more refreshed.

However, first what can sleep do?

“For an activity that takes up one-third of our lives, little is known about sleep and humans. It’s known, for example, that during the deepest phases of sleep growth hormone is released, energy is restored, and the immune system is strengthened, and during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep we have vivid dreams, and our brains may be working on consolidating memories.

Further, a study published in Nature found that our brain restructures new memories during sleep, helping us to solve problems and become more insightful.

While it was once thought that our brains were inactive or dormant during sleep, it’s now known that our brains are very active during sleep and require the activity of specialized nerve cells to maintain a state of rest. However, the effects of sleep on our physical and mental health are only just beginning to be understood.” Source

Sleep affects our bottom lines significantly: “Lack of sleep has been linked to health problems like high blood pressure and even early death, and now a new study tallies another price: insomnia costs the average American worker 11.3 days, or $2,280 in lost productivity each year. That adds up to $63.2 billion (and 252.7 workdays) for the whole country.” Source

In the comments below tell me “How well do you sleep” or if you have ever tried one of these.

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5 Steps to a Restful Nights Sleep:

  1. Wake up with the sun. Sunlight increases alertness and enhances the feel of well-being hormones serotonin.
  2. Eat a balanced diet rich in plant-based complex carbohydrates and tryptophan. Remember that sleepy feeling you get from eating turkey? Eat foods that help with night-time sleep and optimal daytime performance: pumpkin seeds, gluten flour, sesame seeds, almonds, black walnuts and black-eyed peas.
  3. Exercise. It helps increase hormones found to enhance sleep.
  4. Avoid drugs that leave you sleep deprived. Alcohol deprives the body of deep sleep, while caffeine interferes with sleep due to its stimulating properties, Tobacco users miss out on a deep sleep because of withdrawal symptoms during the night. Antidepressants and even sleeping pills decrease Rapid Eye Movement (REM), while the body is metabolizing the drug.
  5. Sleep in the dark. The difference in bright sunlight and night increases melatonin the healing hormone at night. Exposure to light at night even for a few moments can lower melatonin levels.

In the comments below tell me “How well do you sleep” or if you have ever tried one of these.

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