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 Health and Wellness on a New Level

Michelle helped me realize that the symptoms of my problem, though seemingly localized, were actually a function of a likely candida issue in my whole body. Rather than treating it with Western medicine the way I normally would, she helped me clean my diet for a few days and offer other alternative treatments that I had never known about. Within a few days, not only were the symptoms gone, but my whole body and mind actually felt better. From there, she helped me get a grasp on what the original cause of the symptoms was: stress. And she helped me put together a plan that I felt good about; to help me manage my stress. I was anxious and nervous about what to do in my situation, and with a loving and nurturing energy, Michelle helped me not only solve my problem, but elevate my health, mental, and emotional wellness to a new level. Whether you’re struggling with something chronic, or, like me, are nervous about new symptoms that are unfamiliar or unusual, Michelle can help lovingly guide you back to health, and even to a new level of vitality that you may not have even known existed!!

~ Julie Saint Louis, Missouri



Changes I’ve noticed in my life, health and wellness

My hesitations were totally dealing with finances and faith. I had listened to several webinars you hosted and had already gained some new and helpful things to implement, but I didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford the coaching My attitude has gone from really bleak and somber to confident and excited about life and family. I never thought I’d be able to do so much raw food and really didn’t understand how to eat nutritiously (if that’s a word). My emotional state and where I allow my emotions to be focused have really changed. When I feel myself mentally going to a place I don’t like, I realize I have a choice.

For years I’ve struggled with severe sinusitis. At one point I could not smell or taste for about five years. One winter I had a horrible almost debilitating sinus infection which forced me to go to the doctor. After a few tests, the doctors discovered that my sinus cavities (all the way down to my nostrils) were covered with polyps. I knew I had some strange growths in my nose, but didn’t know what was going on. In August of 2012, I had a balloon sinuplasty and a bilateral nasal polypectomy to clear my sinuses from the glue/concrete mucus and remove all the polyps. For a long time after, I was doing great and then in 2014 begin to have recurring sinus infections. Whenever I have a cold, sinus infection flu or any upper respiratory issues, I lose my smell and taste again and can’t regain it without the help of steroids and antibiotics.

I know you said that I would heal if I followed the steps and at times I was skeptical but I have been faithful to follow the plan and I had the big breakthrough.

After getting the flu in January 2015, I knew that I would lose my taste and smell once again and that’s exactly what happened. I dreaded calling the doctor again for more steroids and tests, so my hubby and I prayed and waited. I woke up one morning after dreaming I could smell and realized it was a dream. I went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. I began drinking a smoothie and realized something was different. Next, I picked up a strawberry and bit into it and realized I could taste it – I could actually taste strawberry flavors. I have NEVER been able to regain my smell and taste without the help of synthetic drugs. This is an absolute MIRACLE! MY BODY IS HEALING.

I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I love the coaching calls. I never told you this, but initially I dreaded the calls because I was expecting to hear that I did horribly and just needed to get with it. I am still learning that is not your style and that’s exactly what I needed. I beat myself up enough without paying someone else to do it. Michelle, your coaching actually forces me to think about what is really going on with me emotionally. You really listen to me and I always feel hopeful and better about myself after the calls. I also like the fact that I can contact you and you will respond. I love the homework assignments because they keep me actively involved in my own well-being.

Of course I would recommend coaching with you. The coaching has and is still helping to change my entire life. It helps really focus on who I am and what I am able to accomplish. The big the for me is how it really has helped me learn about awareness, choices and my whole mindset. MINDSET is huge!!!! I was struggling with Bible study time and you gave me some good suggestions and bite-sized, achievable homework assignments and I did it!

~ Zee, Mississippi



I am losing weight.

The biggest hesitation I had with coaching with you, at the beginning, was the price and the fact that I was scheduled to see a naturopath. I love that all the pieces are coming together. I’m losing weight, have more energy, skin is slowly improving and I feel healthy. You have a gift! I love the one-on-one phone calls. You are so encouraging and up beat; I always feel excited and recommitted. Would I recommend you? Definitely! I would recommend you for the same reasons above and because you believe in doing everything naturally. Thank you Michelle.

~ Maureen, Chase, BC


Over the Phone Support = Losing 30 pounds

I have currently within the last 5 months worked with Michelle. She was my health coach, while I was seeking guidance on losing weight and helping my health. I found Michelle to be a great support. She is very kind, honest, and encouraging. I did successfully lose 30 pounds with the information and guidance she gave me. Michelle is a very reliable person, and I would recommend her to anyone. I live in Ontario Canada and we talked on the phone regularly and we were able to work well that way, I would still recommend her to others that are not even in her area of business, because I have had good results working with her. I truly believe the health message she is teaching is what helped my husband and I conceive, after it has been 6 years or more working with medical doctors in trying to conceive.

The True Health Plan

I believe the health program she shares is the true health diet that can help any health problem or obstacle that may arise. I have been very blessed by what she has shared with me and it is a wonderful thing to know that she still keeps in touch with me after the program is completed. Sincerely yours,

~ Kendra, Ontario, Canada


100% Committed to Myself

Before I started the program, I was struggling with being 100% committed to myself as far as changes were concerned. I was being sidetracked and letting myself be side tracked. But now I am trying to be consistent with me, not putting everyone else before me, but keeping on track with my exercise, water and good nutrition. I have experience the breakthrough that until I am 100% committed to me, committed to the idea that I am just as or more important than others, I will continue to struggle. My goal is to exercise consistently till March 20th, my birthday. I would also like to add daily prayers, to keep my focus and commitment strong. Sometimes, the most helpful thing about the sessions, is just the talking about everything, which helps to put me back in perspective. I need to be willing to email when I have a problem, instead of putting it off thinking it will get better.

~ Patti



Resolved Pain

Before I started working with Michelle, I was struggling with horrible pain, I would get head aches, I was getting tired after doing very easy work. I was experiencing needle like pain within my sides and my whole front body. I could not pick anything heavy because it would hurt my back. I was sleeping for two weeks at a time every four or six months. These pains I had was going on every month and eventually I had it for a month at a time. I was forgetful and I would get I trouble for forgetting things. The doctors gave me drugs but they did not work. After working with Michelle in a customized program I have no more pain in my front body and sides, and I am  drinking more water then I usually do. My breakthrough was feeling a relief of pain after a year of pain within my side and feeling that big burden was lifted off. I feel really good, I feel like I am a normal person that has lots of energy and I am not feeling so tried all the time.

~ Evangelina, British Columbia


Huge Shift for My Confidence

Before I started the program, I thought it was going to be harder than it was, but really it’s just about consistently showing up and taking the next step (no matter how small). I have never been able to do it in the past but I am exercising 5-6 days a week, have scheduled times for my meals, am finding ways to thank my body so I can learn to love her more. Regular exercise has never been part of my lifestyle and I am 37! To see that shift and knowing I am not giving up is HUGE for my confidence. I am now even considering taking a class. I am also learning to love my body for the first time ever. I have never acknowledged it’s gifts, let alone felt grateful for it and last but not least, with schedule meal times, I finally see myself beginning to have a relationship with food, instead of being out of control. All this after only 3 months in working with you, Michelle  When I started this program I wanted to lose weight ~ I thought that was the core of my hatred for my body. I still want to lose weight, but I now see it was my thinking that needed the biggest change. Now, I want the experience of cleansing my body by transitioning to a mostly raw diet, of running a 5k, and just for fun to do a yoga handstand….with all of the little changes I make I know the weight loss will be a side effect. The most helpful thing about the sessions is your honesty in sharing what you think and when I am making something ‘hard’ in my head. I am grateful for your ability to break it down into a smaller step that feels totally doable. I like the FB group, it provides a great support system and I like the pre-assessment before each call. Someone who would benefit from what I have received would have emotional eating, lack of accountability issues …both of these are preventing their weight loss. I have already referred the people I know would benefit.

~ Jenean



Experienced Huge Results

When I first met and listened to Michelle, I was struggling with healthy eating, sleeping well and living up to my expectations. I knew how much God needed me to be healthy. Listening to Michelle at the meetings and reading really encouraged me to live a healthier life when I found out that God required me to have a whole body and mind to have a sound relationship with him. My big breakthrough was when I realized I was able to look at a food that I used to love and say “I know it’s not healthy so I won’t eat it.” I was able to think about the negative consequences eating a certain food, eating at a certain time of the day or staying up late would have on my body and how I feel and realize that it’s not worth it. I have all the time (through help prioritizing) to do everything that needs to get done. Now I find enjoyment in the simple things in life and realize I don’t need food to comfort me or make me happy. What was most helpful from listening was to be able to say no to temptation. Saying “no” to the foods that God wouldn’t want me to eat has allowed me to stay away from other temptations I have faced in life. These talks have guided me in so many ways to be not only healthy in body but to have a healthy relationship with God and others. I believe that depressed people would benefit greatly from this program. Before I learned about health, I was generally a happy person but I still had those bad days where I didn’t have any energy and I felt like doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV and eating. You would not want to talk to me on one of those days. Having a healthy body has cleared my mind so much and allowed me to see the glory of nature and God. I feel so energized! I think that people facing the challenge of depression could really benefit from being healthier physically. Changing their bodies will change their moods. There is nothing I would change about Michelle’s talks  The changes I see now in my life are what I always wanted I am spending frequent time in Bible study. I can wake up early and to look at God’s word with a fresh mind whereas before I would feel slow and groggy in the mornings. I am now preparing healthier meals for myself and getting into a better schedule for eating and sleeping. I am now a total vegetarian and am 100% happy about it. Diana Alberta, Canada    I found I was not making time to eat especially breakfasts, exercise was not a priority in my busy schedule. Michelle has given me some great ideas for breakfasts which keep me from being hungry and snacking between meals. She has set up an exercise routine for me plus daily stretching and as a result I am losing weight. Michelle skillfully brought out insights as to the roadblocks that keep me from reaching my goals. I definitely feel more on track with my life now. The resource materials that Michelle provided were very helpful. Someone who needs an extra push to get motivated should definitely sign up to work with her. Dana Salmon Arm  I had too many “irons in the fire” that occupied my time and energy and prevented me from having enough time to carry out more important activities that I was interested in. Since I started the program with Michelle Greenman, I am ensuring that I have enough time for bible study and health, in terms of diet and exercise. What changed for me was that I realize that there is a category for the struggles I was experiencing, called “cares of the world”, and that the cure is to begin and sustain a sincere experience with Christ.  I am now, focused, calm and confident. What was most important was Michelle’s ability to connect with me, no matter what concerns I brought to each session, in a way that showed me she has an immense capacity to understand any type of human concern, problem, or situation; also Michelle’s willingness to spend whatever time was required to address any situation.  Anyone who desires to be the best they can be, including being a “a child of God”, would most from doing this program.  Now, I am exercising on a regular basis, praying on a regular basis, taking it seriously that my family is my mission field, and exercising faith on a daily basis that is allowing me to follow God’s leading to fulfill the purpose He has planned for my life.

~ Bonnie



Getting the Confidence to be Happy

Before the program I was struggling with my weight, my self confidence and just doing things for myself and not just everybody else. Working with Michelle encouraged me to start to put myself first. I started being active. I’ve noticed that I’ve been happier, others have also noticed. I can do my stuff but also still hangout with friends and do things with them. Before I would just jump to what friends would want to do and not speak up about what I would like to do or what I need to do first. Now, I feel happier and slowly becoming more confident. To pick one benefit of the program is difficult. I think everything was beneficial because when it comes to the weight-loss I had no idea where to start and really didn’t know how to change things to become more confident. Now I am  putting myself first and doing the stuff I need to do before I go do what my friends would like to do, which was difficult for me to do before.

~ Kimberly



Making Myself a Priority

Before working with Michelle I was struggling with feeling good about myself and making time for myself to go walking. The improvement I have experienced is I feel that I am on the right track and my times is easing up for me to go walking sometimes. During the program I realized that sharing my thoughts and feelings has helped me to get rid of some of the guilts that I have felt and knowing that I am on the right track. I feel much better about myself and want to do more of the things I have learned and make time for myself. I think just knowing the Michelle was there to help me along to share with and know that she genuinely cared. I would suggest working with Michelle for other because you will learn to accept yourself as you are and make the changes gradually so that they can be changes for ever and not just for now.

~ Ruth



Confidence Restored

Before working with Michelle I was struggling with emotional eating and finding the ideal diet for my health. This was hurting my confidence and bringing negative energy into my life. Working with Michelle has greatly reduced my emotional eating and has increased my confidence in knowing what and when to eat.  I feel more relaxed around food and I have much less anxiety about feeling hungry.  I had a breakthrough when I realized that just thinking food would be bad for me can make it bad for me, even if it is a healthy food.  I’ve really learned to look at my thoughts and keep them positive and loving. I feel really optimistic and even more confident in the path I am on. I found the opportunity to talk through my challenges with Michelle was definitely the most helpful.  It was so fantastic to have someone there listening and supporting me.  Thank you, Michelle! I think anyone can benefit from working with Michelle!  She is a fantastic health coach who has a talent for asking all of the right questions : )

~ Grace Dewey Southborough, Massachusetts Founder of Love YOUR Healthy LIFE

Signed up for the Complimentary Introductory Session

I signed up for this session with Michelle Greenman because I was struggling with Stress and starting to exercise again. She encouraged me to research specific options and helped me decide to make myself a priority. I achieved in only 30 minutes a shift in perspective and now I feel optimistic. I would recommend these sessions to everyone because they would benefit from the way Michelle reflected back what I said and offered a new perspective. I appreciated the introductory session and found it valuable.

~ Marilyn



Achieved Self-Control

Before I started working with Michelle Greenman, the biggest hindrance to me losing weight was self-control. A year prior to that I tried to lose weight but I always gave in to temptation — I had the desire to exercise, but I could not motivate myself to go. I always had excuses such as the weather, the gym was too expensive, or I just wasn’t feeling well.

Michelle Cares

Working with Michelle gave me accountability! I felt that she was very sincere with me, and her encouragement showed me that I needed to try for myself. The moment I took that first step, I gained more strength. I started being open to the truth about fast food, and I didn’t want to eat at those places anymore. My tastes changed, and I no longer craved those things that were so detrimental to my health. I really feel great now, and have much clearer thinking. I’ve also begun to weight train, and I am feeling stronger and healthier. What was most helpful was that I could share my struggles with her, and I believe she truly understood — Michelle cared about seeing me lose weight.

I would highly recommend her services! Everyone, no matter what their health goals are, whether losing weight or maintaining health, can benefit from any of Michelle’s programs. Thank you.

~ Rick Hope, BC

Update: Lost 10lb. during the program and then 46 pounds in 3-4 months. Update: Reached his goal and lost 70 pounds in 1 year.



I Got Unstuck

I needed to implement change in my career and was stuck…quite literally stuck. I knew what I had to do but I couldn’t find my way around to doing it. Michelle helped me to adjust my mindset, plan effectively and take action. She challenged my misconceptions and helped me to think outside the status quo. In the end – in fact in this new beginning she helped me start – I was able to launch my successful business and harness my personal, God-given gifts towards living in purposeful plenty. I couldn’t have done this without her.

~ Hadri Ana



I am Having a Fresh Start Everyday

My struggle before I started working with Michelle, was to be able to love myself through all my imperfections and to focus on my successes and positives in my life instead of the negatives.  I am changing the way that I approach each day and focusing on achieving small goals and thinking positively. I am changing the way that I choose to eat and my exercise habits so that I can enjoy my life and enjoy being healthy. My biggest breakthrough came in learning that I can start over each day (and sometimes each hour!) fresh and that God is there for me at the start of each day and never leaves me. I am learning to trust God more than myself because He wants what is best for me more than any person. My goals have changed. When I started I just wanted to be able to function normally from day to day. Now, I am more interested in finding out who I am as a person and what my purpose is. The sessions are the best way for me to see things clearly. I can get a different perspective about all of the things I am working through and I get amazing support for the things that I am struggling with. Someone who would benefit from what I have received, would say their problem is low self confidence or that they don’t believe they can accomplish their goals.

~ Christine Alberta, Canada


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